Your chance - 1 400 quadrillion. But you were born

Our existence - a result of unbelievable coincidences, the probability of which is negligible so that our lives differently, as a miracle, can not be called
Chance of your birth is 1 To 400 000 000 000 000 000 blogger Ali Baynazi, a Harvard graduate, has estimated the chances of "meeting" of the father's sperm with the egg mother, given the likelihood of meeting these two people, the emergence of love between them and subsequently desire to have children, and so on . d. And it turned out that this chance is only 1 to 40 kvdrln! And if you go back to the time of the origin of life on Earth, the chance is 1 in 10 ^ 2685 000.
And yet you draw the winning ticket - and were born.
However, only one genotype creation of personality is not impossible to describe.
The rest - it's up to us.


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