A picture can say more than a thousand words.

They say that picture can tell more than a thousand words. Random photos are always the most important, and minor moments are always the most valuable. Photographers akin chroniclers and painters at the same time.

Perhaps all this was

Awakening the kid

Birthday gift

Love your neighbor

These two babes who have never met before, just decided to embrace the middle of the airport terminal, if they have not seen.

Kolyma grandmother

A resident of Magadan Rufina tied Korobeinikova 300 pairs of warm socks for flood victims. Magadan diocese to send a parcel to Khabarovsk.


Mexican Arnulfo Castor won his first gold medal in swimming at the Paralympic Games.

May God give all children health!

Respect for these people

Soviet family


Still from the film "Yours, Mine and Ours»


Old shepherd

Found the original


Volleyball on the border of the United States and Mexico

Baby elephant in the womb

Love our little brothers!

Would risk?

Run Forest, Run!

Teacher with humor

Home sweet home

I came home from work in the morning, I saw this picture.

Here he is our superhero

Real father

This exhausted elderly man worked for 4 years at the plow, to be able to pay tuition son at the university. On the day of graduation son said he is most proud of the fact that he has a father.


Gave 2/3 liver to save the mother.

Pregnant women can not refuse!

Devoted friend

Meeting seas

The northernmost point of Denmark, a place where two seas - the North Sea and the Baltic. Skagen.

The trouble brings


One point to rule them all))

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