Kindergarten on board

all the boys in the childhood dream of becoming astronauts, and the girls are actresses or singers themselves. But the children who go to kindergarten the most unusual in the world in the Georgian town of Rustavi, all as a dream tie their future life with the sky: here very often growing up pilots and flight attendants. Why is that? Gary Shapidze equipped with a unique kindergarten aboard the decommissioned aircraft Yak-42.

The plane carrying the kids today live, until recently was owned by Georgian Airways. He bought the director of the kindergarten, Gary Shapidze who owns the idea to organize such an unusual PRESCHOOL zavedenie.

Of course, the interior of the plane was partially remodeled, there were tables for classes and a lot of toys, but the keypad in the cockpit remained intact!

And what could be more entertaining for children than to be in this cabin where one can count more than a thousand buttons.


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