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smartphones Millions of people in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries were infected with a virus called BadNews. Such data are the company Lookout Mobile Security, specializing in developing security tools for mobile devices. The virus was detected in 32 separate applications available for download on Google Play. It is reported that BadNews stealing money users sending messages to short numbers. The virus does not manifest itself in the smartphones of most users for weeks. The exact number of potential victims BadNews difficult to assess, however, according to Lookout Mobile Security, it is about 2 million. - 9 million. Devices, which were installed infected applications from Google Play. Basically, this program find recipes, wallpapers, games and programs with adult content, issued by four independent razrabotchikami.

Google has suspended their accounts and delete the infected program from the online store. Official comments from Google has yet been received. BadNews hides its true nature, masquerading as an innocent advertising network, offering download other applications that are also infected. Masquerade ends when BadNews receives a command from one of the three servers. The program starts the installation of malware AlphaSMS. It empties by sending messages to short numbers. BadNews misleading, setting AlphaSMS under the guise of required service pack Skype.

According to representatives of Lookout Mobile Security, BadNews presence among the many popular applications unsuspecting developers explained their desire to monetize their software. The company therefore warned developers not to include third-party code in their programs.



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