Sunken continent

Japanese and Brazilian researchers announced the discovery of traces of the Atlantic Ocean sunken continent. Scientists have named the land "Atlantis." The discovery was made using the submersible "Shinkai 6500" (Shinkai 6500). The study was conducted in one thousand. Km southeast of Rio de Janeiro. At a depth of about 910 m rock found machine 10 m high and 10 m wide. According to scientists, the rock was composed of granite, quartz and other rocks formed on land. According to legend, Atlantis sank about 12 thousand. Years ago, but recently discovered continent sank tens of millions of years ago. Any man-made structure of the machine is not found. The length of the continent at its widest point is estimated at 1 thousand. Km. According to researchers, it could be part of a large continent, which included South America and Africa, and a ruptured more than 100 million. Years ago.



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