Abandoned School

In the world there are tens of thousands of abandoned schools. All of them were abandoned for various reasons, fires, lack of funding, lack of students. Dramatic pictures of abandoned schools from around the world. Projection Room University Belgii

Abandoned school Eastmoor Reformatory, Velikobritaniya

Journals 60s in an abandoned school Istmora

The ruins of School Economics Vocational, Tayvan

School Library Economics Vocational, Tayvan

Former gymnasium in Pripyat, Ukraina

Graffiti in abandoned school Berlina

School Gym in East Liberty, Pittsburg

Abandoned rural school in Smithfield, Virginia, SSHA

Inside the school in Smitfilde

Public School in Merilende

State University in Maryland. Closed in 2009 godu

School for girls in Velikobritanii

Abandoned building schools and hospitals, Mansfield - an institution for mentally retarded children located in Mansfield, state Konnektikut

Abandoned school swimming pool, Leeds, Angliya

Toilet in an abandoned school Dzhordzhii

Grand piano in an abandoned school in Gary, Indiana


Assembly Hall High School in the state of Bainbridge Merilend

Training auditoriya

Destroys sport zal

Rotting school avtobusy

The school Detroite

The sun's rays make their way to the former academic klass

Library Abandoned schools in Detroit. In 1987, in a building occurred pozhar.

Proektornaya room at the university, Belgiya

Library at the University of Urbex, Belgiya

Preston School of Industry, also known as Preston Castle, California. Abandoned in 1960 godu

Hostel in Preston School Promyshlennosti

Assembly Hall at the school Tehasa

Moldy books in the school biblioteke

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