The world's first

In the world there are already nuclear reactors, car engines and computer systems with liquid cooling. And it would be foolish to believe that the smartphone, warming their silicon brains stronger and stronger, be able to avoid this uchasti.

So the Japanese decided not to wait until competitors are smart enough to use it, though not very reliable, but effective method of cooling is too smart and powerful machines, and have created the world's first smartphone with a watercooled titled "Medias X N-06E".

The tiny body of high-tech products beats the mighty heart - quad processor «Snapdragon S4 Pro» with a clock frequency of each element in 1700 MHz. Of course, such computing power could feel comfortable in the spacious desktop unit with a radiator in the bargain, but not in a flat plastic korpuse.

Moreover, the frequency of mobile monster can overclock up to 1900 MHz, but even highly competent actions will reduce the already short life of the CPU.



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