Mysterious burial

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of a Thracian chariot and two horses that were buried in an upright position. Chariot and skeletons of horses 2,500 years ago were discovered in the village of Svestari in northeastern Bulgaria. Two-wheeled carriage and horse corpses were found in a Thracian tomb with some ukrasheniyami.

Professor Diane Dzhergova from the National Institute of Archeology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, who led the excavation, said that "the discovery is unique because it is not like any other chariot Thracian era ever found in Bulgaria» .

Scientists believe that it belonged to one of the members of the Thracian nobility in the second half of the 1st century AD, according to the availability of expensive jewelry in the nearby graves. Experts believe that the chariot was placed in a narrow hole with sloping sides to allow the horses to easily enter their final resting place, after which they were ubity.

The tomb also found the skeleton of a dog, and the next - the warrior's grave, which is expected and was the charioteer. Along with him were buried his armor, a spear and a sword, as well as drugs and ink, indicating that it obrazovannosti.



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