Luxury burgers

The duo of French designers and Quentin Thomas, created a series of literally poisonous fierce mouthwatering burgers luxury. A stunning selection of culinary delights demonstrates that fall under a certain influence.

We have in mind the impact of pop culture, religion, history, and other mandatory aspects of the human environment.

Burger renunciation (red and black caviar, nuts, salad, caramelized onions, and so on).

Tykvurger (cheddar and fried steak, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin sauce, mustard and pepper).

Love burger (bun with red caramel, caramelized red onion, apple, pork chop, chanterelles, sheep cheese, frozen black currants and cherries).

Ekskaliburger (hake, parsley, onions, Brussels sprouts, berries, cheese, ekskalibulochka in poppy powder).

Burger "White on White" (chicken fillet, fried camembert, honey, onions marinated in vinegar, chicory, mushrooms).

Burger Marie Antoinette (headless shrimp, pistachio, blue muffin, ginger cream, cream cheese, dill on the guillotine).

Thatcher burger (duck crap sauce, sauerkraut, spinach, sesame bun).

Smurfburger (aka Smurfs mushrooms morels, chicken with mushrooms, garlic and parsley, lettuce, butter cream).

Daftpankburger (haddock, lime, shrimp, bun, icing, mint, spicy sauce).

Trojan burger (breaded cutlet Turkey, pork bacon, beef steak, chicken fillet, cheese. Bun, lettuce).


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