White and striped

Tigers general handsome even in the cat world (personal opinion without any claim to truth in some instances). A white tigers - it's something special. Well, naunoy point of view - a recessive mutant of the Bengal tiger. Well, purely on perception - indescribable beauty. Indeed, it is better to see once. In the wild live in Assam, Bengal and Bihar, and usually bigger their fellow with the traditional color, both at birth and adult animals. Among them are absolutely white, and individuals with black stripes. With stripes, incidentally, found among the Amur relatives. But absolutely no white Amur. Why - for certain gentlemen scientists still find it difficult to say. But purebred "cupids" white is not scientifically documented. Hybrids - yes, there are. Incidentally, according to statistics and arithmetic part. Total in the world today, a few hundred white beauties - Bengali and Bengali-Amur. Basically - in zoos. Of course, the popularity of them mad and they are all stars such establishments. Character - matching. Can a lion and pound. With regards to the frequency of birth - about fifteen thousand Bengalis born one white. Today there has been a steady upward trend in the white tigers. And thank God. Let fruitful and multiply.


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