Sandy year ago and now

This terrible hurricane burst onto the streets of the United States October 29, 2012. Were flooded many parts of New York, as well as several subway tunnels. This hurricane was named the most expensive natural disaster in US history after Hurricane "Katrina", which occurred in 2005. Today it is possible to compare the photos after the storm to those made just a few days. Immediately obvious that was done a titanic work. Streets district of Queens were covered with mountains of garbage

Breezy Point District was among the hardest hit parts of New York. Most of the effects eliminated, but still a lot of work

A dead deer was photographed in the courtyard of an apartment house in New York on 30 October last year, there is now little that reminds of urgane

Streets Sea Bright in New Jersey have been completely covered with sand, and the neighboring houses were almost completely destroyed

Nyu-Drop Beach on Staten Island

It looked like the streets of Staten Island, which killed 18 people on November 8 last year

Water flooded the low-lying areas of New York, such as the church in New Drop Beach on Staten Island

A year ago, on the roads of Southampton SUVs sailed

Beach Bellporte was completely flooded



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