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Today we decided to show you the most important representatives of the world of living organisms in their species, subspecies, and other categories. Sometimes, a simple result of the normal activity of the body, and sometimes almost an anomaly.

Lolong - saltwater crocodile weighing more than a ton and a length of 6, 4 meters is considered the largest one ever caught. He lives happily ever after in the Philippines in the town Bunavan. For transport and capture it took about a hundred people.

Holstein bull nicknamed Trigger weighs 1, 2 tons. His height - 1, 95 meters, and length - 4, 27 meters. Living on a farm is a miracle in Kingswood, Herefordshire, UK.

861-gram male reed frog is in length of 20, 5 centimeters. It is considered the most important representative of the species, since they began breeding in Australia.

The largest caught alligators in Mississippi weighs 330 kg with a length of 4 meters without 4 centimeters.

Australia's Great Barrier Reef is the largest structure, consisting of live microorganisms. Its length is greater than 2000 km. And although he is heterogeneous and consists of different kinds of living organisms, it is considered the largest organism on the planet.

The blue whale - the largest animal on the planet. The largest specimen is 30 meters long, and weighs 210 tons. Representatives of the species at risk of extinction, left about 10 thousand.

General Sherman - not the highest in the world Sequoia as well as not the oldest. But it is the champion in terms of the trees. The volume of the trunk is 1487 square meters.

Colossal squid caught off the coast of New Zealand, it is the largest of the captured. His weight was just over 450 kilograms.

Tarantula-tarantula Poecilotheria rajaei, found in Sri Lanka, is the largest representative of the arachnids. Swipe limbs exceeds 20 centimeters.

The Chinese giant salamander is almost blind, that does not prevent it considered a champion among amphibians, growing to a length of two meters.

The largest freshwater stingray was caught in Thailand. Weight of a species may exceed 1,300 kilograms.

Cambodian fisherman caught photographed with a giant Siamese carp, whose length was 172 centimeters and weighs 102 kg. There is information about the caught specimens whose weight exceeds 300 kg, with a length of about 3 meters.

Herring King or belt-fish, a length of 5, 5 meters was caught off the island of Santa Catalina, California, USA.


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