ATLAS Office for Nuclear Research

CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research, the world's largest laboratory for High Energy Physics. This office is directly above the largest detector of the Large Hadron Collider and treated he received millions of terabytes of data. What we see in the photographs - the aboveground part of ATLAS, and it was his office, where the processing of all the data. When you look at a hollow tube inside the office building, it seems that the working space more and more bites into the core of the collider, at the same time, scientists are increasingly perceive the essence of matter.

By itself, outside of the building is not very much and noticeably. However, even outside the tube is guessed. ATLAS project originated in 1992, and today, this collaboration is one of the largest scientific communities in elementary particle physics - many scientists from different universities and countries take part in its work. Assembling the ATLAS detector at the underground site began in 2005, and in 2011, scientists came close to finding the Higgs boson

Parking near the office. Machines on campus are generally much smaller than their two-wheeled younger brothers. Bicycles just everywhere and sometimes they do not even have free parking

Once inside the pipe immediately taken prisoner of its geometry. Here, everything is reduced to the construction of the circles with converging to the center of intersecting lines.

If you look at the top tier down - there is a complete sense of extending deep into the rabbit hole ... especially when you know that another 100 meters below, underground, is something invented by people and learn some incredible things.

And people are working, analyze the incredible number of runs down the fiber optic data cables. To a certain time to cry - yes, we did it! As exclaimed in mid-2012. What in general is the Higgs boson? One of the key issues of modern high-energy physics - the confirmation or refutation of the existence of the theoretically predicted in 1964 by the Scottish physicist Peter Higgs exotic subatomic particle called the Higgs boson - in fact, the only missing piece of the Standard Model of elementary particles. It is assumed that the Higgs boson has played a major role in the mechanism by which some particles (quarks, leptons) during the Big Bang gained weight while others remain massless (photons). I do not know about you, but I knew very little. The difficulties standing in the way of opening of the Higgs were so great, and his alleged role is so important that the particle had the ironic nickname "God particle", even though many physicists of this "nickname" just grates.

I do not know how convenient and efficient to work in such conditions, the office, when your workspace is fully open and enters the labyrinth of the same spaces - around a cacophony of sounds and movement. People walk, run, talk, creating the overall effect of the anthill. And maybe here this is what you need ...

However, many of the headphones.

At CERN save on supports for monitors, so you can use any means available)

Office balconies

At the bottom of the pipe is located directly in the center of a small cafe, and a radius around with tables. However, they operate more than eat ...

A person like Steve Jobs

Scientific debate ...

At the bottom of the pipe-office

But from the point of view of the universe, each of us is also incredibly small particles that may also someone closely studying. And our planet - one of the detectors to some gigantic research system ...



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