A little bad taste in the center of Moscow (20 photos)

Moscow streets began to decorate the eve of holidays. In the center, on Tverskaya Street, and several neighboring pedestrian streets decided to put a live tree. In general, the desire to decorate the streets is very commendable, but the realization once again let us down ...

Our potential beauties now look like the worn and exposed to the dumps trees in March. All because of a complete lack of taste in those who engage in their decoration.

Some stores are gradually added to the tree their advertising garbage.

Especially hard look at the budget tree if they are adjacent to the shops and restaurants, though artificial.

Decorator. Find out about whether she likes most are the Christmas tree did not work, because of poor knowledge of the Russian language.

On each tree, there is also an electric garland. So far, though it is not clear where it will connect.

Most work in full swing at city hall. Here on the maximum number of Christmas tree ornaments belched.

And as you all this work?

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