A list of common acronyms (abbreviations) in correspondence:

10Q - thank you (thank you)
143 - I love you (I love you)
4Q - F *** You
53X - Sex
A / S / L / P - Age / Sex / Location / Picture (what your age / sex / where did you / Throw photo)
A3 - Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime (anywhere, anywhere, anytime)
ADR - Address (address)
AEAP - As Early As Possible (as early as possible)
AFK - Away From Keyboard (away from the computer)
ASAP - As Soon As Possible (ASAP)
Aight - All right (all right)
AITR - Adult In The Room (adult in the room)
ALAP - As Late As Possible (as late as possible)
ALTG - Act Locally, Think Globally (act locally, think globally)
ASL - Age / Sex / Location (age / sex / residence)
B & F - Back and Forth (back and forth)
B / C - Because (because)
B4 - Before (before)
B4N - Bye For Now (yet)
B4U - Before You (after you)
BI5 - Back In Five ('ll be back in 5 minutes)
BON - Believe it Or Not (or not believe)
BRB - Be Right Back (be right back)
BRT - Be Right There (will be there)
BZ - Busy (busy)
CD9 - Code 9 - it means parents are around (Code 9 - means that a number of parents)
CT - Can't Talk (can not speak)
CTA - Call To Action (call to action)
CTO - Check This Out (check it out)
CUL8R - See You Later (see you later)
CY - Calm Yourself (calm)
CYE - Check your Email (Check Mail)
CYL - See You Later (see you later)
CYM - Check Your Mail (Check Mail)
CYO - See You Online (see you online)
CYT - See You Tomorrow (see you tomorrow)
D & M - Deep & Meaningful (serious and meaningful)
d / c - Disconnected (disconnected)
FTF - Face to face (Ā«face to face" - a personal meeting)
G2B - Going to bed (going to sleep)
G2G --Got to go (to go)
GBH - Great big hug (a great big hug)
GBY - God bless you (Cheers)
GL - Good luck (good luck)
H & K - Hug and kiss (hugs and kisses)
HAND - Have a nice day (good day)
HOAS - Hold on a second (hold on second)
J / K - Just kidding (kidding)
KMA - Kiss my ass (Fuck)
LOL - Laughing out loud (laughing out loud)
M / F - Male or Female (your sex male or female?)
OIC - Oh, I see (I understand)
P @ H or PAH - Parents at home (parents house)
PAL - Parents Are Listening (parents listening)
PAW - Parents are watching (parents are watching)
PLZ - Please (please)
RU / 18 - Are You Over 18? (you over 18?)
SRY - Sorry (sorry)
SYS - See you soon (see you soon)
W8AM - Wait a minute (wait a minute)
WAY or WAU - What about you (what about you)
WBS - Write back soon (I will answer soon)
WB - Welcome back (welcome back, with the arrival)
WP - Wrong person (not the person)
WTF - What The F *** (what the hell)
WU - What's up? (What happened?)
YL - Young lady (young lady)
= w = - Whatever (any, any)
* G * - Giggle or grin (giggle or smile)
* H * - Hug (hug)
* K * --Kiss (whole)
* S * - Smile (smile)
* T * - Tickle (tickle)
* W * - Wink (wink)


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