Named the most dangerous computer viruses!

On the anniversary of Panda Security, PandaLabs experts ranked the most dangerous computer threats for home users and businesses over the past 20 years. They even tried to give each threat recognizable shape.
Threats were selected in accordance with the level of fame that they have acquired in the course of large-scale epidemics.

• Friday 13 or Jerusalem. Founded in Israel in 1988 (even before Panda) and first discovered in Jerusalem, this threat presumably a milestone 40th anniversary of Israel. Once there came Friday the 13th, it will remove all the programs running on the infected computer.

• Prison prisoner. First became known Spanish virus appeared in 1993. Getting into the computer, he was hiding until January 5, and then activate the user and iron showed the bars around the monitor.

• Cascade falling letters. Was established in Germany in 1997. When infecting a computer, he turns all the letters in the monitor falling cascade.

• Klez. Created in 2001 in Germany, it only infected computers on the 13th of odd months.
• SQLSlammer. Was another headache for companies. He first appeared January 25, 2003, and within a few days has infected over half a million servers.

• Blaster. This virus, created in the United States on 11 August 2003, contained in the code the following message: "I just want to say love your (w) san / I just want to say love you san !!» (We still do not know who a (th) «San»), and "BilliGeyts, why did you do it? Stop making money and repair your own software / Billy gates, why do you make this possible? Stop making money and fix your software ».

• Sobig. This German virus became known in the summer of 2003. Option F was the most dangerous, he attacked on August 19 of that year, and has created more than a million copies of itself.

• Bagle. Appeared January 18, 2004 and became one of the most prolific viruses, given the number of its variants.

• Netsky. This worm also came from Germany in 2004 and exploited vulnerabilities Internet Explorer. Its creator was also the author of the infamous virus Sasser.


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