Food on board aircraft

Many of you have probably always been interested in, but what about preparing food that you bring slim and smiling flight attendant? Under the cut you will have to wait for a virtual tour of Domodedovo kitchen!

Let's start with the shop, where the water is poured into plastic cups ... It is a local feature! Of course, water can be supplied in conventional cups, pouring from a bottle or bag with a straw, all do. But it is in these cups this water can be convenient to put on a tray of food (it is equal to the size of the cup for tea or coffee), which is useful in the maintenance and use:

In these cups can be poured not only water but also various jelly and fruit drinks. Mixing the ingredients involved in blending machine:

Then we move to the shop semis. Pride of shop - a machine that makes burgers:

Therefore, there are many cutlets!

Although cutlets menu, of course, not limited. Every workplace is required to face the scale, each piece is weighed, and only if it meets the required standards, by weight, it is sent down the stage:

And then - the hot shop. It all boils, boils, boiled-fried:

Local pride - is pancakes:

They say the Russian exotic high demand from foreign airlines.

Everything was cooked and fried carefully marked, signed and sent to the packing plant.

There is formed directly serving, as they will be filed in the plane. Chicken with rice or meat and potatoes? All carefully labeled with stickers certain colors:

Every workplace - scales. Portions carefully weighed after adding each product ... Tolerance - 5 grams:

Separately collected portions for business class and foreign airlines. Not all companies use disposable dishes. Reusable now just gaining popularity. Most airlines, even resorting to the services of famous designers to develop their own design dishes. Of course, this is done in order to increase brand awareness.

And this is, in fact, stands on which the food is sent to the aircraft stove:

Go ahead. Next shop - cold ... Here the kingdom of salads and fruit desserts:

Once formed portion, it is sent to a packaging machine which wraps a container in plastic wrap:

Pride of shop - vacuum packaging with a modified atmosphere, which helps to extend shelf life without proper cooling. It is an indispensable tool for long flights or return flight:

And then packed hlebushek:

All carefully marked, signed and sent to a temporary storage ...

where food has to take immediate packing in soldering, which will be handed out on the plane:

And this, by the way, the famous trolley! Only still without food:

For dessert remained bakery and confectionery shop. First, we admire the bread. From these small lumps of dough will result in a bun "Flight»:

By the way, they also made a special machine, the type of the one that did burgers:

And then baked in large ovens:

What there is flavor!

All sorts of buns and desserts also do here. Private shop reserved for their decoration. Everything has to be not only delicious, but also beautiful:

Smoothly flows into the hall, where he will Tasting advice:

And away we go!



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