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Usually the author to move to China for long-range aircraft used, but when you try to buy a ticket from Beijing to Xian a cost of $ 120, while the most expensive night train $ 50! The choice was certainly a trip on the train of her today and tell it to us.

The blogger writes: commuter train Beijing-Chengdu in 2 h. This class is called Hard Seats, seats left are designed for 3 people and 2 on the right:

China has become one of my most interesting travel countries, and not the least role in this played a very small number of people who speak in English, even in the major metropolitan areas of Beijing and Shanghai, on the outback, I generally keep quiet. The most important thing written in moleskin at Reception at the main objectives for the day in Chinese and then show record passersby at the box office or taxi driver. Incredibly interesting quest!

Station in Beijing:

Another station in Beijing, more precisely Beijin West Railway Station:

To get to it, you need to show the taxi driver the name of the station recorded. Travel agencies in the city take a small surcharge for each ticket. Therefore, we felt that it is cheaper to go buy a ticket at the station.

During a trip to China, my Moleskine look something like this:

Station in Chengdu:

Thousands of people scurrying to and fro in the lobby of the station in Beijing:

... Around and no one speaks in English. That's where the real urban adventure begin :)

If you are traveling on a long distance train - come in advance, at least one hour before departure. Since before the release of the platform is going to control the safety and rather big place. On the platform itself mourners are not allowed:

Our people are also expected at the exit of the station building, rather than on the platform:


Class «Soft Sleeper», the ticket price of 60 $.

Station in Xi'an:

Xian-Shanghai. Here we have not even looked at the prices aviperelet, and immediately took the night train tickets.

Girl allowed himself to be photographed, but the request made to smile even more unwavering expression:

Sinks are located in a separate compartment in addition to the sink in the bathroom:

This woman was the only one (!) Person for 10 days, which could be free (!!) to talk in English on any topic. She studied in Frankfurt, then 10 years worked as a manager at one of the German company, gathered earned money and bought two factories producing rubber in China, which employs 400 workers at each of them. Lives in Shanghai and was returning home.

And from Shanghai to the airport, we ride on the Maglev, a high-speed train to reach speeds up to 450 km / h, which is low-flying birds knocks, look for a spot of blood on the nose of the train. But it will be a separate report.

Source: alexcheban.livejournal.com


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