Great Full Moon (Daeboreum) in South Korea

We offer you a splendid festival in the capital of South Korea - Seoul. This festival has its roots in Ancient China. Custom obliges people in the country to launch the lanterns in the sky and play various games. Even before moonrise, everyone wants to get as high as possible in the mountains, because in the legend who will see the first moon - will find true happiness for the come recently lunar calendar.

Initially, the tradition of bonfires had a practical application lies in the fact that the Koreans were burned dry grass on the ridges between rice fields than scare away all harmful insects from future harvests.

Photo: Getty images

One of the key holiday meals - Yaksik (Yaksik), which may consist of chestnut, glutinous rice, honey, sesame oil and sauce. This original celebration took place on the night of the 26th to the 27th of February this year.


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