Adventure identikit BeetleCam

To make a unique snapshot of a skill sometimes is not enough, you need to develop new ideas of photography. Therefore, brothers Will and Matt Burrard-Lucas (Will & Matt Burrard-Lucas) in the UK have created a composite sketch BeetleCam.

Boys long and hard they gathered it in his garage, using superglue, sewing attributes, doing sawing and sewing. The camera has been used as a favorite camera Canon EOS 400D. The robot, in view of the difficult desert landscape of Tanzania, was equipped with wheels of an SUV and because the battery is able to work for several hours without recharging. Radio Control BeetleCam possible at a distance not exceeding 150 meters. Animals Savannah quite differently reacted to the appearance of identikit. The hardest part had to bug-spy when he photographed the lions dragged him to his lair and badly battered robot.


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