The winner of the contest "Eurovision-2010" became the heroine of the country

After yesterday's victory in Oslo, young Lena Meyer-Landrut (Lena Meyer-Landrut) arrived in his native Hanover, where it is expected a big surprise.

These honors did not appear out of nowhere. The fact that Lena was the second in the history of the competition performer from Germany, who won it. For the first time it happened 28 years ago.
Lena only nineteen years old, and just this year it was still sitting at school desk. Only in April this year the young celebrity was matriculation, and a month later became known all over the world. It has no special vocal, and she never learned never to sing. Staging her performances also not so hot choreography and costumes. According to the majority voted for Lena at "Eurovision-2010", they did it because of the sincerity and charm of this girl. The reception that Lena staged in his native Hanover's worth it to see.

Well, we could not not attach that same video, which beats all records for the number of views last month. Song «Satellite», which brought her the victory.


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