Happy New Year!

At that time I am convinced that there is something in the superstition about the New Year. And no matter how you may try to turn in a festive wrapping its internal state, which is entering the new year, to escape from myself will still fail. You live it exactly as he met ... that only the external decoration, are likely to be subject to change. After external equal to the internal ...

Knowing that the New Year - it always changes, and we strive to meet him in a special way. But if not equal to the internal external, there is no need to try it on top zaglyantsevet. Much more effectively be able to see these things inequality, and even (what a gift!) New Year's Eve. And it really can make a difference for the better ...

We are afraid of themselves this, because it is absolutely justified fear the most severe and complex work ... on himself. Work that is at the very beginning brings a lot of pain and suffering. But only this, sometimes even exhausting, work is able to change everything in our lives for the better.

Feeling lonely, we seek to love in the outside, completely oblivious to the fact that it begins ... with yourself. Experiencing dissatisfaction, we try to compensate for it with artificial pleasures, instead of what would have to find the real reason for its occurrence. Suffering, we want as quickly as possible to get rid of feelings experienced and exactly never want to take them. But life to teach us "wits" and so it is again in its folds his puzzles, leading us to even greater loneliness, frustration or suffering.

But all that is needed is to stop throwing around, just look inside. Focus on yourself. And the starting point to make himself, taking everything in your life as it is. Yes, you just need to take. And just realize. And from that moment, life and play a very different colors ...

Once I had the guts to do it knowingly and consciously, to meet the pain and suffering. I knew they would, but I did not think so much. And even more than once I had to feel sorry for that ... But now, when all the clouds are behind, and ahead on the horizon rises bright blinding sun, I realize that it was worth it ... that would start to feel good, not artificial ... and perfectly-well, of course, good.

I wish you and celebrate the New 2011 exactly as you feel yourself now. Should not strive to meet him the way you want to feel yourself from yourself ... still can not escape. But with dignity and absolute acceptance to meet in 2011 in the balance sheet with their feelings will be a powerful message of the universe, testifying to the fact that you are seeking ... to harmony. But just feeling inside harmony, we can feel ... happy!


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