Vera Brezhnev in a photo shoot for the magazine "Good Housekeeping"

In the February issue of the famous Russian magazine "Good Housekeeping" was published a photo shoot with Vera Brezhnev, which was created by the famous Ukrainian photographer Dmitry Peretrutov.

Vera Brezhnev had long outgrown the statute "that little white of VIA Gra." She starred in the movie, is the show on the radio, he is engaged in a solo career, and participates in a talk show. Dneprodzerzhinsk native became a celebrity. Although, of course, participate in the project Meladze gave its stamp. The past year for Vera was very successful. It is the end of November released its first album, has participated in a lot of TV shows and has received several awards. In February this year, Vera was named the most beautiful woman in Ukraine. But let's talk about the author and a photo shoot for the magazine "Fireside". Dmitry Peretrutov, radio engineer by profession, for a short time became one of the most sought-after photographers of the country. Now his record huge number of customers. For the most part - are international brands.

Vera Brezhnev for the publication of "Good Housekeeping" (high-resolution photo):


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