Argentinean street art from Tec

On the work of the Argentinean guy hiding under the nickname Tec, knows more than most about him. At the time, inspired by hooliganism and graffiti artists in rock music, the guy decided to create something of their own.

Born into one of the largest cities in Argentina - Cordoba, Tec decided that the need for the success of a city bigger and moved to the capital. The streets of Buenos Aires met with his work in the early nineties and since then has never parted with it. According to many, his work at the time maintained the morale of people in the capital during the economic crisis of 2001. Positive Art hooliganism will always bring a smile from you, if you are not a snob. Today, Tec is known around the world by participating in various exhibitions. His work is in the streets of Berlin, Paris and many cities in Latin America. Also, it is often attracted to the promotional well-known brands.


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