Day in Photos, August 28, 2011

Sunday did not catch anyone by surprise, and Hurricane Irene did not find New Yorkers. Muslims are about to celebrate the end of the holy month, while the Indians on the eve of a multi-day festival. Details - in the material.

Singaporeans gathered at one of the local parks, to draw attention to the maintenance of dolphins in captivity.

Bulgarian Nassau Stankov feeds her Darth Crow, who became pets, Sofia, Bulgaria.

New York two days preparing for the visit of Hurricane Irene.

And for someone to storm clouds just a beautiful picture in the photo.

Transport to the streets and highways of the city simply disappeared.

Employees of the fire department evacuated the inhabitants of the town of Taiwan Hengchu excavator. South of Taiwan typhoon Nanmadol attacked.

Indonesian Muslims back sitting on a motorcycle on the deck of the ship that brought them to the island of Bali.

Ethnic Tamils ​​with pierced cheeks perform a ritual Adhi Thirula, Medan, Indonesia.

Bangladeshi Muslims filled the mosque Baitul Mukaram, Dhaka.

Dump the northern Philippines in Baguio has absorbed part of the neighborhood. Yesterday they were small landslides.

Hindu god Ganesh statue is transported to Mumbai on the eve of the 10-day festival dedicated to this god.

Chinese woman with a stroller walks past the sculpture "The Egg", made of disposable wooden chopsticks. Installation is aimed at the refusal of the Chinese disposable chopsticks and must show how fragile our world, Beijing, China.

An Afghan man prepares traditional sweets called dzhalebi, Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

Salaried workers unload sand from a ship on building in Yangon, Myanmar.

Chinese man on the phone near a table with the results of the national lottery, Hunchun, China.

Freddy Nock Swiss tightrope trying to cross Lake Thun at the second attempt - unsuccessfully.

German soldier checks a machine gun at a checkpoint in Kunduz, Afghanistan.

Libyan children celebrate the victory of rebels in Tripoli. There is nothing more humiliating use of children in the wars of adults.

Police trying to disperse the demonstrators with water cannons, protesting against the massive layoffs in the construction of one of the largest corporations of the country, Seoul, South Korea.

Milan stadium "San Siro" empty. Serie A today is not started because of a strike of players.

In Spain, the players got their way, and today continue the match of the first round, which started on Saturday. Kike Sola (center) of the "Osasuna" annoyed missed point in the match against Madrid, "Atletico". The game ended in a goalless draw.

Steven Davis from the Scottish "Glasgow Rangers" celebrates the goal scored by the gate "Aberdeen" in the national championship in football. "Rangers" won with the score 2: 0.

Footballers "Manchester United" can afford to lie on the lawn. Today, they are simply taken out of London "Arsenal" with a score of 8: 2!

German driver Sebastian Vettel today at the Belgian Spa won the next stage of the Formula 1 races.

Men's French team in judo celebrates victory in the team competition at the World Championships in Paris.

The French supported the men and also became world champions by beating the strong Japanese women.

United States women's national volleyball team sings hymn of the country after the victory over Brazil in the final of the world's volleyball Grand Prix in Macau.

Basketball player Dirk Nowitzki smiles his sister Silke at the ceremony, his award for high achievements in sports in Berlin, Germany.

Today in London, the children day of Notting Hill Carnival.

The mayor of the German literary awards Frankfurt Goethe Prize Syrian poet Adonis aka Ali Ahmad Said Esber.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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