Elegant Twilight pictures mitol Alessandro (Alessandro Mitola)

He is quite young as a photographer. However, on hearing the name of the Italian many. His style is considered very romantic and refined. And yet, Sandro has a muse. In that he is madly in love. They say that today it is very rare.

Mitol Alessandro (Alessandro Mitola) was first impressed with your own photos, when I was on vacation in Amsterdam. Then he took off on his father's film camera. He was barely twenty. Now Sandra is 24 years. He has a girlfriend Francesca, which is the main model in his work. Young people recently returned from a six-month stay in New York. In early October, the photographer gave an interview in which he was asked what he is Italian photographer, in addition to notes in the passport. The answer was simple and succinct: "The desire to see the beauty of man - as the most natural property of all of us."


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