Michael Anderson (Michael Anderson) - a professional landscape

He lives in a small town with the original name of Golden, in Colorado, USA. However, most of the time traveling. Therefore, correct to say that the American photographer living in a way :)

For a long time, Michael Anderson (Michael Anderson) worked ranger in Yosemite National Park. It was here that he realized that the trip - his vocation. The first attempt to go "savage" he made in 1989, when passed all of Mexico, and reached two Guatemalan coasts - the Pacific and the Caribbean. After that, Michael decided the only way to the tent and travel. The most important thing for a photographer, in his personal experience, as little as possible to explore the area, which is going to send, with the exception of maps and routes. We offer you a selection of frames, made in South America, Tibet and Oceania.

Photo by Michael Anderson


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