New Orleans at the turn of the twentieth century

In fact, there are hundreds of photos of other American cities at the same time. You may ask, why is New Orleans? It's simple. At the turn of the century New Orleans was one of the centers of culture and industry of the South United States.

At the time, the largest city in Louisiana absorbed several cultures and was half of the Europeans, and half of the Africans. New Orleans became the largest port in the south of the country, which is another impetus for development. Back in HІX century there appeared tram, buildings were constructed theaters and opera. The main problem has been and remains the floods, as a substantial part thereof is located below sea level. Development of the city took place before the mid-twentieth century. And then began to decline. We bring you the photos of the city began to flourish. And do not forget to click on the picture. They are really great size;)

Photo by Shorpy


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