Continuation of the carnival extravaganza around the world

About the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, we will tell you soon, when it will be completed. But on the other analogues can not not tell. Especially that "harvest" carnivals quite impressive. America and Europe simply dazzle.

Let's start with the carnival, called «Dimanche Gras», which takes place in Trinidad and Tobago. And to be precise, in its capital - Port of Spain. Carnival lasts for two days and ends on the night of Ash Wednesday. The holiday originated in the XVIII-th century and borrowed from French planters. During the carnival held music, dance and sports. And ends with a parade and all the king's choice carnival.

Another similar carnival parade is held in New Orleans and the US called «Mardi Gras». He's not as pompous and lasts only one day - Tuesday, on the eve of Ash Wednesday. Originally held only in the French Quarter, and now covers not only all the inhabitants of the city, but also attracts tourists from all over the world.

In Hungary passes more sinister carnival Bouchaud. He is older than the previous two. Tentatively, the first mass celebrations in Mohacs held in the XVI-th century. Participants wear animal skins and masks, rejoicing in honor of Maslenitsa. But at the very beginning of the story, the locals thus expelled from their lands Turkish conquerors. Although legends are all distorted.

Photo: AP, AFP, Getty Images, Reuters


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