12 books in July that are worth reading

The new novel Akunin, a book of recipes from the Daria series, a sequel to the amorous adventures of Bridget Jones, the sensational sleep study and 9 options exciting reading for the summer.

Maleficent. The story of true love

Author: Elizabeth Rudnick

It seems that we know all about the Sleeping beauty, about true love, which can give only Prince charming. But the success of the film "Maleficent" has shown that it is not so. The story of the witch of the swamps destroys the fairy-tale stereotypes and gives a new magic. Now in book format.

Cook in a slow cooker. Cookbook idlers
Author: Darya Dontsova

In the new book Darya Dontsova tells you how to cook delicious dinner without spending much time on it. And recipes we believe! Author of popular detective novels, whose number is well over a hundred, probably knows the secret of how to quickly and easily get best result. And now shares this secret in his cookbook.

The man behind the wardrobe

Author: Oleg Roy

A new novel Oleg Roy's combines the favorite reader of the genres of family drama and historical novel. This time the focus of fair Moscow antiquary Vilen Merkulov, who buys an old Cabinet in front of him and unfolds the story of several generations of a Moscow family.

The most mysterious mystery and other stories

Author: Boris Akunin

The author takes the liberty to interpret the most mysterious historical events. Akunin masterfully immerses us into the enchanted world of the past, tells the story of unknown heroes who changed the world, mysterious treasures, monsters in human form, genius detectives, and more.

Welcome to Paradise

Author: Bernard Werber

What happens after death? The hero of the novel of Bernard Werber Anatole, once in heaven, realizes that all is not as epic as they say on Earth. In the heavenly office is a mess, and the judge spent hours on the phone. However, this worldly things Anatole not be more significant, but the sins remain sins. But today he has a chance to fix it.

Zanimali. Summer. Entertaining activities for children and parents

Authors: Zina Surova and Philip stern

A secret message, a pond Bank, a kite, the shadow theater and much more. Collection of simple and exciting games in the fresh air and home. After the summer, so just make yourself a story and spend a memorable time with your child.

I look at you

Author: Irene Cao

The first of three books Italian erotic trilogy Irene Kao. This is a story of passion and self-knowledge. But is an ordinary woman to share love and passion in a new relationship?

The science of sleep

Author: David Randall

This book is the most complete and current study of sleep — a phenomenon that occupies a third of our lives about which we know practically nothing. Its author, journalist David Randall, had nothing to do with the science of sleep, until I found out that he was a somnambulist. Starting with an explanation of the reasons for his sleepwalking, he has thoroughly studied the questions concerning sleep. How dangerous is sleep deprivation? Do women and men differently? Whether the rights Freud with his theory of dream interpretation?

Bridget Jones. Crazy boys

Author: Helen Fielding

This Bridget Jones we have not seen before us the venerable lady, she's 51, she's a widow, and her two sons. It's been 5 years, how she lost her husband. Everything in life Bridget goes on as usual, and suddenly she meets on Twitter with 30 years Roxterm, and this novel captures it with his head.

A great little girl. The story of the first. How to tame the city

Author: Maria Bershadskaya

In the world of childhood not only has dragons and wizards, each child is surrounded by forest, school, corner store, the neighbor's dog, the pigeons on the ledge. Author of books for children Maria bershadskaya comes up fantastic worlds, and sees the extraordinary in the reality around us. Her character girl Eugene travels the streets an unusual "normal" city.


Author: Rhonda Byrne

This book is about all and each of us. After all, we all have the biggest dream of life and to fulfill it, we already have everything, you only need to believe in yourself. "Don't compare yourself with others. You have unique potential that no one else on this planet is not," says the author of this book, one of the most successful writers in the world.

1000 amazing adventures отLonely Planet

To buy a ticket, find a hotel, book car – if you have mastered these skills, successful traveler, you can go to the next level – amazing adventures. Travel along the vents of volcanoes, the most fascinating atmospheric extravaganza, encounters with wildlife, mysterious caves, a cult, European travel and more under one cover of a new book from the authors of the Lonely Planet.

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