Berlin master of shocking

This German street art master-bullying is an expert in entertainment. Judge for yourself, who would think to be placed in the center of Berlin big pink turd, or seal the pillars and walls are portraits of the young Adolf in pink glasses?

The question, of course, rhetorical. But we reply: such foolish and original ideas come to mind Peter Pinku (Peter Pink). About the author, of course, it is not known as such antics could result in prosecution and trite law enforcement officers or those who irrepressible Peter decided to annoy. Of the latter, his antics, was remembered potato flash mob in front of one of Berlin's fast-food restaurants McDonalds. I do not quite understand the idea of ​​the event, but most likely, potatoes require more humane treatment for their relatives :) Still, laugh ITES Coca Cola Santa Claus. Anyway, Peter is quite eccentric in his sarcasm and satire.


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