Diversity through the lens of Iceland David Jon Ogmundsson

Icelandic photographer and designer David Jon Ogmundsson (David Jon Ogmundsson) prefers to photograph nature of their homeland. Living in Reykjavik, the author travels frequently throughout the country. Fortunately, the territory of Iceland is not so great.

The most famous photosets David Jon Ogmundssona (David Jon Ogmundsson) is a collection of pictures taken during the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano. Photos were really terrific. However, it is not all work the photographer. David Jon Ogmundsson (David Jon Ogmundsson) very clearly and vividly conveyed the power and serenity of nature. Iceland is famous not only for its volcanoes. See the collection aurora, lakes, geysers and much more.

Photo by David Jon Ogmundsson


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