Rupkand - Lake skeletons

This unusual glacial lake located in the territory of the Indian state of Uttarakhand at the base of two Himalayan peaks - Trisuli and Nandghungti. The lake is situated at an altitude of 5029 meters above sea level.

For the first time, officially, in the lake have been found skeletons in 1942, the year, and scientists have suggested that in the lake were Japanese soldiers.

Since the court was the Second World War, the lake has been sent to the group of scientists to determine the origin of skeletons.

Britons suspected it was some sort of syllogism Japanese army.

Through time version was refuted, since the skeletons were clearly older.

First, researchers have suggested that the skeletons of about 500 years.

However, only eight years ago, it was finally proved that all the skeletons, and they turned out in the lake about 600, were still here 11 centuries ago!

The cause of death of so many people and was not finally determined.

However, scientists are inclined to believe, judging by the large number of fractured skull and a characteristic form of impact, it's all about the unprecedented City.

It showered caused the death of so many people.


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