The most beautiful Russian school

This beautiful building of secondary school number 10 located on the outskirts of the city of Noginsk in the Moscow region. This year the school celebrates its 105th anniversary. We invite you to stroll through its halls and enjoy the beauty of the interior space.

At the beginning of the last century in 1908 Glukhovka Novotkatskoy near the factory was built a beautiful school building, the walls of which the children are taught textile workers - two-class school (elementary school higher type) at Bogorodsk Glukhov Manufactory Arseny Morozov.

Initially, the factory school had only boys - future workers for the factories, but in 1914 changed the system of training and the school number 10 Noginsk became eight, and studied it both boys and girls. Before the war, the school was the basis of methodical work, so in its walls worked the most powerful teacher. 1935 was a landmark for the city - Noginsk school number 10 released tenth.

At the entrance to the school


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