Collection of new facts about the popular video games

Collection of new facts about the popular video game accurately assess all the gamers and fans of computer games;)

Bushes and clouds in Super Mario - the same thing, just different colors.

The game Doom BFG 9000 weapon stands for Big Fucking Gun. The film censorship forced him to rename Bio Force Gun.

Not everyone knows, but in GTA: Vice City featured the King of Pop Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson).

Sony PlayStation was originally planned as a CD-ROM addition to the console Super Nintendo.

Initially, at Sonic had a girlfriend named Madonna.

The boy from Norway Hans Olsen at the age of 12 years was able to escape with her sister from an angry moose with his knowledge of World of Warcraft. Skill, which is owned by players level 30 children rescued from danger. Hans teased moose to distract him from his sister and then pretended to be dead.

A little bit about the records. League of Legends, the total number of players who have reached the mark of 32 million.

Nintendo is translated from Japanese as "leave luck sky».

Art Director developers series Halo, Marcus Lehto, appears twice in a shooter. First - inside the tank Scorpion six-digit number represents his date of birth, as well as the initials of Marcus present on the sole Master Chief.

To be attentive, then on one of the levels of this skill in the game Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, you can see the packaging pizza signed in Danish "real pizza shit» :)

Devil May Cry was originally supposed to be no stand-alone game, and the continuation of Resident Evil.

The developers of EA Redwood Shores to create Necromorphs game Dead Space, studied the photos of victims of motor vehicle accidents and reviewed hundreds of horror.

The world record for speed buttons on the game controller belongs to the Japanese Toshuyuki Takahashi (Toshuyuki Takahashi), who managed to click 16 times per second!


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