Interesting facts about the world around us

In the world around us a lot of interesting and curious facts. And so, look a few of them that are more exciting.

In Sudan, more than the pyramids than Egypt

In this state, the pyramid is greater than in any other country. In Al Kura, Nuri, Gebel Barkal and Mero are at least 223 of the pyramid. As a rule, their height is between twenty and thirty meters.

Countries with left-hand traffic

The list includes a number of countries such as Japan, England and most of its former colonies: Australia, New Zealand, India and so on. US and Canada in the number of these countries are not included.

Country where more horses than people

Mongolian horse - the bedrock of horses in Mongolia. Presumably it has not changed since the days of Genghis Khan. Mongolian nomads hold more than three million heads, which exceeds the population (2, 75 million.). Despite its small size, these horses are not related to ponies.

The most linguistically divided country


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