Interesting facts about the world around us

In the world around us a lot of interesting and curious facts. And so, look a few of them that are more exciting.

In Sudan, more than the pyramids than Egypt

In this state, the pyramid is greater than in any other country. In Al Kura, Nuri, Gebel Barkal and Mero are at least 223 of the pyramid. As a rule, their height is between twenty and thirty meters.

Countries with left-hand traffic

The list includes a number of countries such as Japan, England and most of its former colonies: Australia, New Zealand, India and so on. US and Canada in the number of these countries are not included.

Country where more horses than people

Mongolian horse - the bedrock of horses in Mongolia. Presumably it has not changed since the days of Genghis Khan. Mongolian nomads hold more than three million heads, which exceeds the population (2, 75 million.). Despite its small size, these horses are not related to ponies.

The most linguistically divided country

Port Moresby - the capital and largest city of Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea - a country with the largest number of languages ​​(more than 750). The most common: Motu and Trade English.

In Alaska, there are sand dunes

Kobuk Valley Sand Dunes are located forty kilometers above the Arctic Circle but summer temperatures in these areas can reach 38 degrees Celsius. The height of some sand mounds can reach thirty meters in height. Great Kobuk, Kobuk and small sand dunes River Hunt River covers an area of ​​twenty-five square miles and is the largest existing dunes in the polar latitudes.

Strange mill in Ireland

The blades of the mills in the country are rotated in a clockwise direction, while in the remaining countries - counterclockwise.

London Bridge at Lake Havasu

London Bridge was transported and rebuilt at Lake Havasu City. When in the sixties, he began to sink in the Thames, it was replaced by a more modern equivalent. Then the stones of which it was built in 1830, was put up for sale in 1967. A man named Robert Paxton McCulloch bought the bridge seventeenth April 1968 at the price of 2.46 million dollars. All 10,246 units were shipped to Arizona and reassembled over Lake Havasu. Construction costs amounted to 3 million. Dollars. The bridge was opened in 1971.

The most isolated city in the world

Perth (Australia) is the most isolated city in the world. The nearest town is two hundred miles through the desert irresistible.

The flow of the Amazon

His power is so great that even at a distance of about a hundred miles from the mouth of the river you can swim in fresh water.

The longest train trip

Distance from Moscow to Vladivostok is about nine thousand kilometers and you will go seven days to overcome his train.


Currently in the world there are 22 percent of all forest resources. Western Europe has lost 98 percent, Asia - 92, South Pacific - 78 North America - 66, and South America - 54 about 45 percent of all tropical forests, covers an area of ​​1, 4 billion. Hectares, have disappeared in the past couple of decades.

The shortest intercontinental commercial flight

This flight from Gibraltar (Europe) to Tangier (Africa). The distance is 55 kilometers, and flight time - 20 minutes.

The widest bridge in the world

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the widest bridge in the world - Harbour Bridge (Sydney). It can combine the 16 rows of cars - 8 on the upper level and 8 at the bottom. Its width is 49 meters. Moreover, it is the fifth-longest suspension bridge arch type, as well as the highest bridge of steel (134 meters above sea level).

The world's largest palace complex

The Forbidden City was the imperial palace of the Ming dynasty. It is located in the center of Beijing (China) and now a museum. For more than 500 years, this place was the home of emperors and their servants, the ceremonial and political center of Chinese government. The complex, built in 1420, consists of 980 buildings with 8707 rooms. Area entire palace is 720 thousand square meters. He is an example of traditional Chinese architecture and has influenced its development in Asia.



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