Photos of old Moscow HQ. Part 2 (37 pics)

We continue to publish archival images in good quality.
Today a lot about the road, the old cobblestone pavements!

Look, what a beauty! What light! What street ...

Place, I think, all the familiar. If not - please ask in the comments and guesses. So interesting!

Trotuarchik, column, stones ... Oh ...

Right very colorful puddle;)


See, what a beautiful flood!

market on Red Square.

Look at the light on the left.

On Red Square trams ...

My favorite photo. Aircraft for transportation officials.

Red Gate. Now none of this beauty has been preserved.

Severe Muscovites.

This is probably the oldest dog picture Moscow.

More photos will pre-revolutionary Moscow.
I think all recognizable places, so that the signatures did.



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