Sword in the rock (3 photos)

This sword is in Italy, host was Guydotti Galgano, who was born in 1148.
Up to 32 years led a dissolute life, but in 1180 decided that the feats he had had enough and began to lead the life of a hermit.
Said Galgano plunged his sword into the rock to the plug in kachestve ispolzovat kresta prayer.
In 1185, posle smerti Galgano, Roman Papa announced the plug saints.
Soglasno legende, posle smerti Galgano, mnogie pytalis ukrast mech.

"Who vytaschit sey mech from the nakovalni, and that There is the king of pravu rozhdeniya nad vsey zemlёy Angliysky" should have been napisano nA this kamne but net.

One of the thieves was killed by wild volkami vnezapno. From bednyagi ostalis hands only. They, kstati, reshili ne trogat and ostavili close to znak that chuzhoe brat All-taki ne well. They seychas lezhat in chasovne near mechom.

Nekotoroe vremya mech schitalsya falshivkoy but issledovaniya pokazal that metall and style mecha refer to the end of the 1100s - 1200s nachalu years. It mozhet oznachat that angliyskie legendy about mech in kamne and King Artura vpolne be osnovany nA stories Galgano Guydotti.

Mnogie hrabrye rytsari ... That There is, mnogie tourists nashi days hoteli pochuvstvovat sebya novoispechennymi kings Kamelota that dazhe privelo to polomke mecha. Therefore, under the seychas relikviya nahoditsya of the protective ekranom, tak that the new king Arturu pridetsya much popotet, dostavaya mech.

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