Mysterious Mountain Karelia

In Karelia, there is an amazing place - namely, the mountain Vottovaara, which is not included in tourist routes.
This place is full of mysteries, there are trees bizarre, there is a stone pool, a dead silence and a special atmosphere.

Since opening (30 years ago) SM Simonyan Mountain managed to acquire all sorts of legends, mostly related to the UFO, who saw the locals. Superstitious people consider it a place of concentration of the dark forces and bridge the transition to other worlds. A common tourists it attracts fabulous scenery and unusual landscape.

Vottovaara not so available and - on the way there are impassable sections of the road, flooding bridges, and sometimes stand in the way of the river themselves. To overcome some of the obstacles on the way to the mountain will need four-wheel drive vehicle.

But to visit this amazing mystical place, to overcome all these difficulties is.

At the foot of the mountain is a small lake:

Already at the entrance to the top of our encounter numerous boulders, as if the sword chipped - cut completely flat:

The higher the climb, the less vegetation meet - only dry twisted trees and mosses. One gets the feeling "dead" space.

At the top you begin to feel the mystical atmosphere. Contemplation of the landscape is fascinating.

One of the main secrets of the mountain - Sadie is a structure of stones, sacred objects north-European peoples. On top of the mountain, an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 6 square meters. km, according to various estimates there are about 1500 pieces.

Stones of various size - from small to large boulders boulders, weighing an estimated amounts to several tons. But most interesting is that these boulders placed on a kind of "stand" consisting of 3-4 small stones.

It is not known who, when and for what purpose created numerous stone structures. Perhaps that is the creation of the ancient inhabitants of Karelia - Saami, who knew about the unusual properties of the mountains, and this place was used for religious ceremonies.

At the top of the plateau is located swamp. Large rocks near the swamp is called the amphitheater:

Here you can find nearby stone basin rectangular shape:

Around the pool on sloping slabs froze large stones:

Votoovaara Mount - the highest point of the West Karelian upland, its height is 417 m. From the top of the mountain offers a great view. I think you can see the entire Karelia - its beautiful forests, numerous lakes and rivers. Particularly keen can see the border of Finland, before it approximately 60 km.

Vottovaara opens beauty of Karelia On the other hand, shrouded in mystery and affecting his poignant "dead" silence



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