Production of English furniture

One blogger told us how to make the English furniture and the material from which it is made.

If you say in a few words: very simple. Penetrating the process, everything seems logical and obvious, but in fact there are a lot of nuances. I have divided the production into three stages. The first stage - the choice of material. Classics in the manufacture of English furniture is oak. This tree has a number of properties that distinguish it from a number of other species - oak solid, dense, rot. Yet it is poorly lit, lends itself well to artificial aging and has a fairly thick trunk to carry out a whole part.

Some advantages of oak are automatically transformed into its shortcomings: oak wood is incredibly hard for his weight, and it is difficult to machine. Accordingly, tools for working with the tree should be strong and durable. Wood Englishmen bought in Normandy, at the stage of growth. It's hard to imagine how rich oak northern coast of France, but in England it is a tree found at almost every turn. Perhaps the basis of this choice lies respect for nature, and may be banal practicality.

Felled and sawn material is delivered to England, where dried in the open air for 5-10 years. This is the period of time considered optimal for the removal of residual stress in the wood and remove moisture.

Boards and boards are sorted by width / thickness / length. Already at this stage it determined their fate - who become the foot and who countertop.

Just before the cut, the wood settles a few days in the drying chamber.

Workshop sawing. There are two circular machine for the longitudinal and transverse cutting of wood paintings.

Quite simply, the web is cut along,

then crosswise into equal parts.

Next, cut a rough edge to give a perfectly flat board. They were immediately re-mark.

Next to them are quite civilized in the form of billets, which should take the warehouse.

This shop is running both 5-6 people, each doing its part. Card of a migrant)


There's a lot of machines, as well as dust, half an hour of shooting, she has covered all my hair. Strongly buzzing hood, suction of chips and sawdust from each machine in special bags on the street. Of these, then get briquettes for heating, but the other is engaged in the business office.

By the way, about the machines. All of them are the same company, are simple in structure, without any digital bells and whistles, sometimes with only two buttons "start-stop", but speed control.

This adjusts the thickness of the board.


I suspect that some of them exchanged for the second dozen.

In any case, the emphasis on the hands of the worker. Half of the team - the youth of rural type. I think that without much education as colleges, producing professional carpenters is not here. The whole experience takes over from the older generation. Hence the conclusion: fools and idlers do not work here. For all time (and this is more than three weeks) I did not see but themselves, no employee, staggering in the yard with a cup of coffee and a cigarette in his mouth. Payment hourly.

The most interesting process where oak planks and boards find their final form, begins in a nearby building nearby. There are carpentry and paint shop.

The carpenter's shop is unhurried work. The production process is precisely adjusted and polished over the years, the rush may nullify the work of a dozen people, auknuvshis on someone's purse. Rest in bed for 10 years, the oak is a rather valuable material to easily produce from his marriage.

All items are made precisely according to the drawings, some have their own characteristics. Here like to use the design idea for the benefit of the buyer, using the non-trivial solutions in the transformation of furniture and its dual use. This is what I will talk about later.

Tools carpenter carpenter.

I do not think that everything is done manually. Modern tools also save time and hassle.

On this machine profiled support leg next table.

The most interesting thing comes after all the parts ready for assembly. Prior to this, each of them is treated mechanically, smoothing and chamfering the edges. It is exclusively hand made, it must look not so perfect to create the effect of "run" time of the tree. First outline the contour of the future "bumpsĀ».

Then, remove the rough rasp of the chamfer.

Remains sticking out in different directions the fibers are cut like this tool.

In the course is plane. They make more concave plane beam from the center as if it jammed in the place thousands of feet.

Experienced eyes checked the quality of the work performed.

The final stage - the creation of dents and scratches. The operation is performed directly on the stone pointed the plane tree. At first glance, a simple job. In fact - oak not easily affected by shock. Traces must remain deep and beautiful, to start playing after finishing varnish.

On unpainted countertop so far seen only the structure of the wood.

It does not shrink from outsourcing. Shape cutting is performed in a different town. This brought ready-made parts.

This leg of the table cut from a single timber.

The blanks are stored in the warehouse, on the floor above.

Ready to assemble the parts are in numbered order.

During assembly do not use nails and other metal elements. Only the wooden spikes drilled slots in certain places and a special glue. Everything is so tightly fitted to each other that the joint can not even stick the needle, and some joints after grinding and is not visible to the eye.

To design elements finally stuck together and not deformed, retaining his trapeze, their tightening the clamps. Collected in this way the furniture with an average weight of 50-100 kg guaranteed to last for several decades. I think that precisely 100 years.

Decorative elements like the border to the drawer, and put on the glue.

This completes the second stage. The Below (more like a chemical laboratory) paint shop supplied pristine white furnishings, which is destined to get out of here completely different color and type of piece of furniture.

Now for the final step, which is engaged polisher - a human sorcerer turns into a breathable svezhatinki oak antique furniture, as if it came from a Tudor times. Actually, from there take the total stylist, and, in part, the production technology of the furniture. A so called because in the time of Henry VIII Tudor shestizhentsa in aristocratic homes in England have become traditional massive carved beds and tables made of oak.

Moraine - a means of primary processing of wood. When her application dramatically enhanced contrast. Due to its heterogeneity appears wood grain pattern. Wood becomes more beautiful.

To enhance the effect, the furniture is further coated with a special patina. It is applied to the edges and joints, creating an uneven faded furniture. Lacquered in two stages. Please raise the so-called "fluff" - swelled resulting staining and wood particles laundered. Next, this layer was removed by grinding and for better gloss and water resistance, several layers of coated multicomponent lacquer.

The strength of the coating in a paint I was convinced personally, accidentally hitting a couple of times a tripod on the table leg. The characteristic amber color furniture gives shellac. It is the finishing varnish, created on the basis of the resin, which is produced from the secretions of scale insects lacquer. Shellac is applied gently, soaking a small swab all the details. It turns out about such beauty.

Now about the chips. Did I mention that this furniture do with the mind. Many items are collected, saving living space. For example, tea tables.

This coffee table that flick of the wrist turns into a nightstand.

There are chips such as hidden internal cavities, as in this secretaire. A board pulled by pressing a certain place special flat key.

Or the paper compartment disguised as a decorative panel. Take out when removing small valves inside.

All of this can be seen immediately, the showroom is located on the second floor.

Furniture is divided into collections and stylized historical era England. But there are such here quite modern trends.

Of course, the reader there is a reasonable question: "How much?". Prices for small items, such as bedside tables, starting with three-digit numbers in pounds. Allowing your furniture to furnish a house can not everyone. But it's worth it!



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