The story of the bull

Go session, the end of the fourth year, a technical college. Admission to the exam is no structural mechanics (who attended will understand me - it megapizdets). All the moves are not so richly as I would like, a couple of nights without sleep - at minus morality and double bags under the eyes.
 Quick picture is as follows: the nerves to hell, all on edge. There was a consultation on structural mechanics, it is a man strict but fair. Accordingly dunce like me can smell a mile away and sends fuck, almost instantly. This day was no exception, going up to him 20 times in 10 minutes, I was sent (the examination, by the way was to be held the next day, according to him, I was a good way not permitted).
 With just such a mood, in the heat, hung with term paper, textbooks, notebooks and Tamu like garbage (each 10 kilogram) we classmate Zhenya (more Sleepers, PS 1m95sm, thin, and why the strong, bitch). We go to our odnogrupnitsa Ole, who lives behind the gallery Airport. Returning from her since 2 textbooks and 1 term paper (drawing A1) back to the gallery after much persuasion I Sleepers, I decide to come to the tent and buy their own cigarettes.
 So, I went up to the tent, and there is a body, apparently plunged a tank of beer, short-cut sports jacket and trousers, well clear of such a bastard without an Internet.
 - GIVE Rupl!
 - NO!
 - Pidaras ...
 - (Silence)
 And then I get naebok with shorter legs of the elbow, followed by the second leg in a body ....
Confusion (last normal fought 6 years ago, then learned all the words to solve, and how it did not expect such boldness). Giving a backpack and that was in his hands. Swing in the face, I'm going to hand and so ridiculous beat him in the face (all happening right next to the tent surrounded by machines with kokakoloy etc.). He was drunk, I have an advantage in speed ... swing, I'm going to hand back ridiculous smack in the face.
 Then, slowly, come guessed Sleeper, and really is very slow, he did everything, even managed to get a rebound in the nose, he stood and flipped ebalnichkom and almost killed a friend of his (the next swing which I dodged). And you know then there was something very strange. Seeing Zhenyu, I really got to morality and two in the head once dug a clear plan of how we pussy bull legs hurt a lot, and in the kidneys, but there was literally the following: Jack put his hand on the bull's shoulder with such a straight face that the holy envy. Himself Apostle Andrew came to this earth, and so cute, but confidently said, "Calm down," this time I was very small and nimble (not seeing more of that person, following his plan) loaded the bull with his feet in the building, but after seeing this realized that snitch Sleepers it is clearly not going to.
 He took a backpack and something else that was in their hands. Then Grandma puts me 20p and said, "My dear you are dropped." I take this machine to the top 20, and shove it in his pocket, Jack aka Sleeper, willpower and the inverted pressure on the fucking wrist calms rebel and we move to his own, to the subway.
 On the way, I come to, and I understand that the classifications are not so positive: Shirt - dirty, elbow - hurt morale - fell. He began to put forward claims on the real lack of power assistance from friendly to me, so to speak forces. On that get a reasonable answer is that we are in the center of the ... well ... the cops should not have, and the truth, the more alone. Sleeper inadvertently drew my attention to your outfit in one hand - bag drawing - under one arm, a bag 5kg-10kg - on the shoulder, a book (of which there were). Well, actually fucking commando in full uniform, no less.
 In this way the story does not end, we came to the subway, I did reference a sip of beer and began to say so out of the stupor, I remind you that I have not fought for 6 years. So after five minutes is our fighter who did not have a single ruble, it is no way that I honestly 20p went as a trophy.
I smile, give a backpack standing near a friend, well, according to the standard plan, squat under the swing and move the bull's jaw. There was already a level up, so that the hook get where weightier than the previous two. The second swing of the second hook, cut through his lip, +4 morality. There comes a turning point, a gorilla superior to me in size, and power draws in its tiny brain that did not cause me even a single strike except those two with his feet at the tent, and begins as a ochumevshy anger Grizzly throw at me, obviously with the aim of knock down and otmudohat. In the style of kangaroos, I sebyvayu him weightless periodically inflicting blows to the legs with a view to scratch his ear (so sorry that the banner was not engaged in these years, because my legs are much more powerful hands, football running swimming and wrestling, etc.) this body in the next roll nearly crashed into a pole, quiet laughter ... a hit with legs ... Ties with righteous face, kick with your feet in the building, tired ..........
 P.S. The second time, the righteous of sleepers turned out not very righteous, he was upset that his first commandments were broken, and immediately began to break out of the brush. When the guy sent home, after spending with him the cultural - informative conversation, I beamed a smile of a happy man, and the institute has stopped me so much to hover in a good mood for a long time remained. And this "20-ka" I have the glass is as a reminder of the bad behavior and its consequences.

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