Bloodthirsty World - the siege of the castle

Some time after my entry into the clan, was acting decree "All members of the community at 15.00 will be in for a castle siege Silmaril Green Dol, attendance is obligatory." In preparation, the head gave a small siege shields and crossbows those who went to the battlements, and the assault team goal - siege shields and reinforced ram.

Training is over, and we rushed to the castle, only to scare the whistle flown by arrows, but the dwarf, who was late and trailed behind the less fortunate, he was left without a shield, for which he was mercilessly shot. On the way to the castle, the troops were divided, one team advanced to storm the gates, the second - on the battlements. Before attempting to climb a wall I hid behind a shield, loaded crossbow, waited a bit, and shot an arrow pierced in the chest leaning out from behind the wall of the enemy. Taking advantage of the moment, I climbed on it and won, meanwhile our guys released entrance through the gate, and the battle between the two captains in the throne room was actually already won in the castle were only ours, it was a victory!

I note that in the game there are also training the siege of the castle, which can take part individually beginners, advanced players individually and separately high levels. And everyone can feel the head of the siege, learn how it is not easy and how much is a single error.


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