Ofitsery joking ...

Ofitsery the Navy dress uniform dragged from the pedestal ... huge anchors c anchor chains. The action involved at least 20 officers and their girlfriends. Staschennye anchor with carefully placed on pedestals ... bustling highway, which was hardly covered (Peter, however). Drivers like slalom tacked among anchors spaced-lovushek.Uchityvaya that black anchor in dim lighting at a speed barely visible, the first victim had to wait not very dolgo.Novy (seemingly) large Citroen, not noticing the anchor at high speed crashes to anchor that rattled bounces off the car. Auto while receiving holes (damage to the hood, engine, etc.). First of cars pulled a girl who is in a state of shock, then the driver foreign cars.

Thick anchor chain anchor clocked after a rebound on the rear axle cars

At this, the officers of the Navy and their friends share and were not going to stop, on the contrary, they decided to steal all the anchors that were installed on pedestals. To the sound of horns, they rolled the anchors one by one.

Preparing to remove

Removing the anchor

Mounted on the road anchor and maneuvering cars

With nothing (the owner of the yellow jacket)

It is interesting to note the fact that the police during the whole action performed exceptionally observant-wait function and assumed her duties only at the end of the stock and flow of all participants of the action (and this is in the heart of the city). At the same time, one of the organizers approached the wrecked car and the driver was his friendly ginger and hugging (say, think, foreign car smashed, but something fun, fun as it was)

Arrived after the police action


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