Hurricane in Europe (9 photos)

In Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary element caused great damage. There are victims.
After an unusually hot day - the thermometer is over a thirty-five - the inhabitants of Budapest, perhaps waiting for the rain, but this is clearly not. It was an unprecedented downpour - with heavy wind, sometimes turning into a perfect storm. The streets of the Hungarian capital - now some solid puddles. As always in such cases - fallen trees, dangling power lines, damaged roofs. Injuring five people. Element came unexpectedly and struck in several European countries - the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the damage from the storm amounted to several million euros, overflowed river Moravia, hundreds of homes were in the zone of flooding.
In Austria, not without casualties - where the wind reached a speed of 35 meters per second. In Vienna, a flurry overturned tower crane, crane operator died. Another woman was killed by a collapsed tree. On the road and railway lines formed blockages, traffic on them practically paralyzed. In several areas of the Austrian capital is still no light.
And in Switzerland element brought hail - the size of a pigeon's not even, as a hen's egg. Motorists caught by surprise element is obviously much regret that on this day all went out of the garage - after such a hail their machines need repair. Hurricane raged in Switzerland almost a day, one person was killed. Locals say that so much bad weather in their region is not raged for decades.


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