Schoolgirl strangled swimsuit

On the beach to the schoolgirl went looking guy, Nicky introduced and offered to spend time together. She, without hesitation, agreed.

Later, witnesses told investigators that the young people for a long time sitting in a cafe and then went to the part of the beach where there were almost no people. Witnesses said Nicholas himself confirms, noting that they wanted to be alone with Vika.

Further events developed in a scary movie. School girl and 19-year-old boy went into the water and began to cuddle. But when a new acquaintance began to stick to the girl and remove her swimsuit in water, Vick began to resist and to call for help.

However, the attacker closed his hand over her mouth, and then strangled.
Commit murder, Nicholas, according to investigators, the girl pulled the corpse out of the water, covered it with a towel and hid in the bushes.

Then the offender tried to escape unnoticed from the scene, however, tourists have noticed him and began to ask about a young companion. "Kohl said that Vick went home. Ostensibly she Tiny, and he does not need ", - reported the witnesses to investigators.

An attacker rang the salon gaming machines, where he worked as a security guard, and said that a few days do not come to work. But this trick did not help the young man. His many knew at the beach, so the track was not made easily operatives.

On the same day of the murder, the body of the schoolgirl was found. The next day, the police ambushed the house of the parents of the suspect and arrested Nikolai.

On the first interrogation the arrested confessed to the crime and repented. According to Man, the girl did not run away from him, but when he started to shoot a swimsuit, began to scream. He also said he did not kill the girl thought, just wanted to get it stopped, but did not calculate the forces.

The dead girl speak well in school and at home. Vic was an excellent, exemplary and homely girl. Many of her friends still can not believe that she could go to a deserted place with the unfamiliar guy.

Meanwhile, psychologist Maria Sotskaya notes that such behavior is understandable in a girl her age. "For a typical transitional age unwarranted optimism. Teen finds that bad can happen to anyone, but not with him. It has a negative impact on children and the media, which promote a way of life in which the most important entertainment and pleasure, "- said Sotskaya.

At the moment a criminal case under article "murder" and "attempted rape". The investigation is underway.


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