On vacation in the tropics, are dangerous even seashells!

We begin with the Mediterranean countries. The most famous animals, or rather, the insects are dangerous - scorpions. Their bite is not fatal, as many think, but causes severe pain and swelling.

Scorpios are more active at night and sleep during the day under peeling bark, plaster and stone. So do not touch these items. If you live in a cheap hotel, the scorpions can hide in the room at night they go to the floor and the ceiling in the bathroom. Be vigilant.

In Greece and neighboring Balkan countries inhabited by a poisonous spider Lycosa tarantula. Close with striped legs, he is daily life. But he is not eager to meet people, and it is not a poison is deadly. The maximum that will bring its bite - it's a pain, itching and swelling of tissues.

Speaking of the classic resorts of the Mediterranean and Red seas, most trouble tourists here can not deliver terrestrial and marine life.

First of all - the sea urchins. If you accidentally step on it, the needle will remain in your leg. Remove them hard enough. The needles themselves hurt, cause inflammation, but there are poisonous species of sea urchins. So consider a few vacation days are gone - you will be taken to the hospital.

For hedgehogs should clam cone. Outwardly, it is very beautiful: a conical shell from 2 to 9 cm, painted in pale yellow, porcelain-white color, or with a complex pattern of brown and red spots, stripes and even geometric figures.

This animal belongs to the series "Do not touch!" On this familiarity, he will answer the release trunk with three notches on the end of a harpoon. Pleasure below average.

Scorpaeniformes represent a danger to the upper fin fish studded with poisonous spines. In Russia, these include sea bass. If you step on a fin, the poison can cause seizures and reach the shore would be problematic.

For lovers of diving is dangerous stingrays or "sea cat". At its host he is from one to four barbed needles, like a poisonous scorpion fish fins. The poison causes convulsions, paralysis, severe swelling. In addition, the stud may break and remain in the body of a diver. As to the shore, as a rule, far from such sea voyage may be the last.

You should not miss the hands coral, which may leave a burn stronger nettles. The small hydroid jellyfish ("sea wasp"), which are found in the Indian Ocean may have on the monstrous power of the poison. His contact with skin swimmer fatally.

Let's look at Southeast Asia. If you stay in a place such as Phuket, you do not happen. This place is sterilized by wildlife. But if you travel to Asia, remember scorpions, millipedes and centipedes.

All beings, we were talking about, did not seek a meeting with the man, but there are those who only rejoice to your appearance. This terrestrial leeches.

They live in the rain forests throughout Southeast Asia. Length from 2 to 5 cm, moving on the ground, like a caterpillar, a land surveyor, they go towards the victim.

With close to a distance of the length of its body, the leech jumps. Through the shoes she, of course, do not break through, but the sock for her is not a barrier. However, the only trouble from the bite - it's a small bleeding wound, but in the tropics and it becomes dangerous because of the likelihood of infection.

In general, people gathered in the tropics, all sorts of horrors, you can talk a long time. But there are a few general tips.

Be careful with water, food and unfamiliar objects. In the not too luxurious hotels inspect the bed before you go into it, and shoes before you stick it up. Do not drink and do not wash from natural sources for the same leeches and some protozoa.

We hope your desire to rest is lost. So happy and safe holiday!


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