Dialogues with the pilots dispechterami

Pilots talk with dispatchers. Were published recently in the German
«BILD». There were actually, since All conversations with the pilots
dispatchers recorded.

Manager (D): To reduce noise, turn 45 degrees to the right.

Pilot (S): What's the buzz we can at an altitude of 10,000 meters to create?

D: That noise when your 707 with 727 in front of you face.

D: You Airbus 320 or 340?

A: Of course A 340.

D: Then you could not before the start of the turbine to run BOTH?


A: Good morning, Bratislava.

A: Good morning. Note: This Vienna.

P: I'm going to land in Bratislava.

D: It deystvitelno Vienna.

P: Vienna?

A: Yes.

P: But why? We wanted to Bratislava.

D: Okay. Abort the landing and fly to the left.


Dispatcher one pilot who landed the plane too hard:
"Planting should not be a mystery. Passengers need to know when they
landed »

P: It's okay. They applauded still always.


Pilot «Alitalia», which lightning strike knocked out half Cockpit:
"We have almost everything covered. Nothing works. Even the figure height
shows nothing. »

Five minutes later, the air leaves the pilot of another aircraft: "Shut up and die
like a man! »


P: You have lit a fire planting.

D: I hope that burns longer.

P: I mean he smokes.


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