Ten of the most effective advertising in the history of moves

Ten of the most effective advertising moves in the history of
10 seats - more terrifying advertising. In 1910, a criminal sentenced to death, shouted from the scaffold: "Buy Cocoa Van Hutten!". The next day, I got this name in all the newspapers, and the goods of its owner went like hot cakes.

9th place.
in 1797, Napoleon Bonaparte has done an excellent advertising of foreign currency and the country: he spread the news that one of the coins of 5-franc dignity supposedly sealed a check for a million francs to the bearer ... The French bank today guarantees the payment of the said amount, but check before It has not yet been filed.

8th place.
The negative attitude to the new product - potatoes - in France was broken by a very non-standard: French Minister Turgot ordered to put guards around potato fields. "Every guard, so valuable," - thought the people, and soon the potato has become one of the most popular products.

7th place.
History sale in Hollywood. Landowner Harvey Vilkons would never have sold his land in South California, if his wife did not remember the name right: plots, called Hollywood (that is, the holy land) dispersed in a few days.

6th place.
The first advertisement appeared in a public toilet in New York, in Manhattan, in 1939. In women's water closets were placed posters advertising electric typewriters. Sales almost instantly jumped 30%.

5th place.
Disney at the time first to understand what advantage gives color film. He signed a contract with the manufacturer, and then the only owner of all rights in the color film for several years, and became the only supplier multproduktsii.

4th place.
The world-renowned manufacturer of motorcycles "Harley Davidson" provides services and discounts bikers who got a tattoo with the logo "Harley"!

3rd place.
Advertising in films. The BMW after placing their products in one of the movie "James Bond" "Golden Eye" has received orders for $ 300 million, while sales of Omega Seamaster hours increased by 900%. During an episode in the movie "Basic Instinct," with Jack Daniels whiskey, Seagram's company paid 1, $ 2 million, while sales increased by 5 times.

2nd place.
Ingeniously simple: almost without any advertising was excellent detergent sold under the name "Normal powder". Ironically, none of the corporations that use it in their advertising the phrase, is not presented any claims.

1 place.
Probably, this is possible only in Russia. The St. Petersburg company "Victoria" for almost 10 years, produces shampoo "Putin" (with the accent on the second syllable). The unprecedented surge in sales has occurred with the departure of President Yeltsin from his post. People gladly bought up shampoo that now everyone called "Shampoo Putin." Now manufacturers are establishing production conditioner and toothpaste "Putin".


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