A major fire in Moscow (22 photos + video)

The victims of one of the largest in recent years began to fire seven people, 35 were hospitalized. These are the latest data on the tragedy in the Moscow Institute of State and Corporate Management.
When students realized the danger, all the exits have been blocked by fire. According to the MOE, the building alarm system was not working, and the fire did not notice for a long time.
The signal on fire fire services received in the second half of the day and literally 3 minutes they were already in place, but to get to the building of the Institute was not immediately apparent - everything was lined with cars.
Please light up the 4th floor, there is one of the faculties of the institute. The building itself was built in the 30's, it just seems powerful, but there are actually wooden beams, with holes in the walls. Therefore, the fire spread quickly. As suggested by the Emergency Situations Ministry, a fire occurred in a room near the stairs. Therefore, some of the students were blocked by fire. They had to evacuate through windows.
Rescuers evacuated 150 people. Seven were killed, almost everything - even before the arrival of firefighters. About 30 people seriously injured, now they are in different city hospitals.
Cause of the fire turns out, but emergency workers say banal careless handling of fire or safety violation. The building is really provoked criticism from fire prevention inspections. Last time - in August, just a month and a half before the tragedy. It found several violations that the beginning of the school year and have not eliminated.
Yuri Nenashev, head of the State Fire Supervision Ministry of Emergency Situations: "Part of the premises are not exploited. We study those deficiencies that were present in the building in terms of fire protection. Our laboratory has two alleged source of the fire. It is located next to the library or female toilet ».


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