The one-armed bus driver arrested in Egypt (!)

The traffic police of the Egyptian province of El-Fayoum surprised when stopped
to check the minibus with 14 passengers traveling on the highway Asyut al-Sahrawi - al-Gharbi.

From the bus driver left-handed. The police immediately detained him under guard and went to the nearest police station. Now it is waiting for the trial.

It turned out that the driver had no driver's license, no license, giving permission for the transportation of a large number of passengers.

However, according to witnesses, the minibus passengers are not pleased by this turn of events. They jumped out of the bus, argued with the police, they shouted and demanded the return of the driver behind the wheel of one-handed, so he could take them to their destination. Police were forced to at his own expense to send their passing bus, RIA "Novosti".


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